Obtaining a Raffle License

According to state law, all raffle drawings must be licensed by the local city and/or county government. Any non-profit group that wishes to conduct a raffle drawing in the unincorporated area of Perry County must first obtain a raffle license from the Perry County Board. The County also issues licenses on behalf of the City of Pinckneyville and Village of Tamaroa. Groups conducting a raffle inside other communities should contact the appropriate city or village clerk.

Who May Apply

Groups must comply with the Illinois Raffles Act and the Perry County Raffle Ordinance. Groups eligible include, but are not limited to:

  • Religious Organizations
  • Fraternal Groups
  • Veterans Organizations
  • Labor Organizations
  • Business Groups
  • Educational Organizations
  • Groups aiding those suffering extreme financial hardship
What Is Required

Raffle license applications are obtained in the County Clerk’s office. The organization must complete the application and return it with the required $15 fee. The Perry County Board will then consider the application at its next regular meeting.

In addition to providing information about the group and its officers, each applicant must name a raffle manager that will be responsible for the conduct of the raffle. The group must also provide facts about the raffle, such as when tickets will be sold, the prizes to be given away, when and where the drawing will be held, etc.

According to state law, the raffle manager named on the application must be bonded to group. Proof of corporate fidelity bond or personal surety bond must accompany the application. However, groups may waive the bond requirement by a unanimous vote of the organization. The president or chairperson of the group must sign a certification stating the bond requirement was waived.

Additional Information

Since an application must be obtained, completed and filed, then approved by the Perry County Board, you are encouraged to obtain the necessary information well in advance of your planned fund-raiser.

If your group is considering a raffle fund-raiser, you are encouraged to contact the County Clerk’s Office. We will provide you with a copy of the Perry County Raffle Ordinance and answer your questions.