Election Dates
March 19, 2024 – Primary
November 5, 2024 – General

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Early Voting NoticePolling Places

Early Voting allows all registered voters to cast their ballot prior to Election Day by voting at pre-designated sites named by the County Clerk. Early Voting is aimed at making voting more convenient and accessible to all citizens. Early voters must be registered voters with a valid picture ID showing their current voter registration address. No excuse or reason is necessary to take advantage of Early Voting. Early voters will cast their votes on computerized touch-screen voting machines.

Vote By Mail Ballot
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Vote by mail voting may be done by individuals who are unable to make it to their polling place on the day of election, yet still wish to exercise their right to vote. Vote by mail voting may be done in 2 different ways. You may request a mailed vote by mail ballot. Or you may come into the County Clerk’s Office and vote by mail in-person. Vote by mail voting takes place in a larger time frame than early voting. Due to recent changes in Illinois law, an excuse or reason is no longer needed.

Military and Overseas Voters

Thanks to the new Federal MOVE Act, it is now easier than ever for military families and overseas citizens to vote. Click here to access the Federal Voting Assistance Program site, where you can complete, print and sign a downloadable registration and vote by mail ballot request form.

Military and Overseas Vote by Mail Ballot
Precinct Committeemen

Precinct Committeemen are provided by Illinois Election Code and are elected every two years by members of their political party in the General Primary Election. Democratic, Republican and Green Party committemen may be elected in each of the County’s 27 voting precincts.

Additional Resources

You can also find additional information about state candidates, campaign finance information and voter guides at the Illinois State Board of Elections: