Genealogy Research and Copies

The County Clerk’s office assists many visitors and handles many mailed requests for genealogy, or family history research. State law restricts access to vital records. Only the County Clerk and staff may handle the records. Staff members will search the indexes and copy the appropriate records.

New public search software in the Perry County Clerk’s office will now allow genealogy researchers access to a computerized database of vital records old enough to qualify. For genealogy access, birth records must be at least 70 years old. Marriage records must be 50 years old. Death records must be 20 years old.

Genealogy Copies

Copies of vital records used for genealogy purposes are $5 each. Genealogy copies are uncertified and copied on white paper. Genealogy copies must be marked “For Genealogy Purposes Only”. These copies can be used only for informational purposes and are not valid for legal purposes.

Mailed Requests

Mailed genealogy requests should be specific and include all known information for the individuals being researched and the type of record being sought (birth, death or marriage). Requestors should send $5 for each copy requested, plus a self-addressed stamped envelope. Due to the volume of requests and confidentiality of records, the County Clerk’s office can not answer e-mailed family history inquiries. The County Clerk’s staff will attempt to locate documents for specific written inquiries. Payment is required before documents are copied or mailed.